Supported software versions

Please take note of the following requirements:

JDK (Java) versions

JDK 8 (Java 1.8)

This is the current version of Java for NXCALS.

Higher versions are not supported since NXCALS software depends on external components such as Apache Spark 2.4 for example, which still needs JDK 8.

JDK 11 (Java 11.0)

Currently it is not supported by NXCALS. Support for JDK 11 is planned for Q4.2020 at the earliest. Moving to Java 11 is currently blocked and requires an upgrade of Spark 2.4 to version 3.0 first (being officially released on Jun 18, 2020 and providing full support for JDK 11).

Update: we have added a first version of the Extraction Thin API that does support Java 11. Please refer to the documentation of how to use it.

Spark version

Spark 2.4.0

The current version used by NXCALS.

Spark 3.0.x

The future version supported by NXCALS.

Adopting Spark 3 implies moving to Apache Hadoop 3 which needs to be performed beforehand. Please be patient as the adaptations are complicated in terms of aligning versions of multiple software stacks like NXCALS, Spark3, Hadoop3, Hbase 2.4 and Hbase connectors.