Class QuerySnapshotDataServiceImpl

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      • QuerySnapshotDataServiceImpl

        public QuerySnapshotDataServiceImpl​(@NonNull
                                            @NonNull GroupService groupService)
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      • getVariableListsOfUserWithNameLikeAndDescLike

        public VariableListSet getVariableListsOfUserWithNameLikeAndDescLike​(java.lang.String userName,
                                                                             java.lang.String listNamePattern,
                                                                             java.lang.String listDescriptionPattern)
        Description copied from interface: QuerySnapshotDataService
        Gets a List of VariableList objects belonging to the given user, and with the list name and description matching the given patterns. % = wildcard.
        Specified by:
        getVariableListsOfUserWithNameLikeAndDescLike in interface QuerySnapshotDataService
        userName - the user name of the user
        listNamePattern - the list name pattern
        listDescriptionPattern - the list description pattern
        the user variable lists
      • getSnapshotWithAttributes

        public Snapshot getSnapshotWithAttributes​(Snapshot snapshot)
        this does nothing, please do not use
        Description copied from interface: QuerySnapshotDataService
        Gets the attributes for the given snapshot
        Specified by:
        getSnapshotWithAttributes in interface QuerySnapshotDataService
        snapshot - - the Snapshot to get attributes for this can be found at Snapshot
        the snapshot with database id set.