Class FillServiceGrpc

  • @Generated(value="by gRPC proto compiler (version 1.28.0)",
               comments="Source: cern/nxcals/api/extraction/thin/fill-service.proto")
    public final class FillServiceGrpc
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • getGetLastCompletedMethod

        public static io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<,​FillData> getGetLastCompletedMethod()
      • newStub

        public static FillServiceGrpc.FillServiceStub newStub​(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new async stub that supports all call types for the service
      • newBlockingStub

        public static FillServiceGrpc.FillServiceBlockingStub newBlockingStub​(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new blocking-style stub that supports unary and streaming output calls on the service
      • newFutureStub

        public static FillServiceGrpc.FillServiceFutureStub newFutureStub​(io.grpc.Channel channel)
        Creates a new ListenableFuture-style stub that supports unary calls on the service
      • getServiceDescriptor

        public static io.grpc.ServiceDescriptor getServiceDescriptor()