CMW subcriptions registration


Steps which are required for CMW data logging in NXCALS are described in CCDE documentation.

After creation or modification of a subscription its state will be updated accordingly as it can be seen on a sample screen below:


Please note the the validation process runs periodically and depending on the current load and amount of data in the "validation waiting room" it may take several minutes before it is triggered for a given subscription.

A subscription can have 3 possible statuses: NEW, VALIDATION_OK and VALIDATION_IN_ERROR (in that case accompanied by an error message).

Additional information concerning subscription state:

  • Status Time: when the given status was set
  • In status since: time duration for the current status
  • Last Check Time: indicating when the subscription was validated for the last time


There is a possibility of switching off logging (but keeping subscription configuration), using a toggle button Enabled. Re-enabling subscription will launch validation process.