Getting access

User must be authenticated to use NXCALS services before accessing both: data and metadata. Please consult the relevant documentation for more details about the authentication methods.

For metadata the following rules are valid:

  • read access is open to all authenticated users,
  • write access requires authorization. Please subscribe* to the appropriate e-group to get the required access rights:

To access data please note the following rules:

  • read access is currently open to all members of the it-hadoop-nxcals-pro-analytics** e-group.
  • write access requires authorization. Please contact NXCALS support to make an applicable request.

* - you can self-subscribe by selecting "members" tab and clicking on "Add me" button.

** - please note that the TESTBED and PRO environments are targeting the NXCALS production Hadoop cluster (running CERN's Hadoop distribution - with patches for known Apache Hadoop issues). The cluster is fully managed by IT's Hadoop team (IT-DA-DS).


If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact NXCALS support via email to