Selecting datasource

There exists a number of already running datasources (as separate projects) that are configured to transfer the data from particular sources into NXCALS. We are maintaining two separate projects that cover CMW & WinccOA domains. In order to use any of those datasources one has to register the signals inside its configuration using existing tools (like CCDE) or contacting the appropriate support.

  • CMW

This datasource covers the existing device/property CSS Common Middleware model. The configuration of the subscriptions can be done via CCDE. Please get access rights in order to add devices & properties to be monitored and their data sent to NXCALS. Configuratino application is available using the following link to CCDE NXCALS Configuration.

  • WinccOA

Please contact Industrial Controls Support (BE-ICS).

  • Remus

Please contact Remus support.

  • LSA (Settings)

Please contact LSA Support.

  • Tim

Please contact Tim Support.

  • Post Mortem

Please contact Post Mortem system support (TE-MPE).